Arushi Nath

Toronto, Canada


About Me

I am a Grade 8 Student from Toronto. Canada.

I like solving hard problems related to space and society using open data, open science, and algorithms.

Asteroid collision risks are real and unpredictable. 66 million years ago, the Chicxulub asteroid impact wiped away the dinosaurs. My project strengthens planetary defense by using robotic telescopes, open data, math, and python to find unknown asteroids, determine their physical characteristics, and support planetary defense missions by the NASA and the European Space Agency.
In 2022, my project on "Strengthening Planetary Defense: Detecting Unknown Asteroids using Open Data, Math, and Python" won the top award at the 2022 Canada-Wide Science fair along with Excellence in Astronomy Award, a Gold Medal, the Junior Challenge Award – Curiosity and Ingenuity and Youth Can Innovate Award.
Over the last seven years, I have built robots, battlebots, rockets, and rovers. I have participated in over 50 hackathons and won many national and international awards. In 2020, my project, the Masked Scales was the Global Winner of the NASA SpaceApps Covid-19 Challenge among 2,000 teams from 150 countries.
Checkout all my projects at: 

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