Arushi Nath

Toronto, Canada

Curriculum vitae

Founder (Grade 9 Student)


Developing Algorithms to Determine an Asteroid's Physical Properties and the Success of Deflection Missions. Arushi Nath. Acta Astronautica Journal, Vol 220. July 2024.
Photometry of the Didymos System across the DART Impact Apparition. Co-Author, Arushi Nath. The Planetary Science Journal, Vol 5, No 2. February 2024. 
Finding Unknown Asteroids to Strengthen Planetary Defence. Arushi Nath. Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. February 2023.
Detecting Unknown Asteroids using Robotic Telescopes, Open Data, and Python. Arushi Nath. Proceedings of the 111th Annual Meeting of The American Association of Variable Star Observers. December 2022.
Aiming for Apophis: How we used Covid-19 School Lockdowns as an opportunity to do Asteroid Astrometry and Teach Others. Arushi Nath. 7th IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC) 2021.
Dragonfly Bot: Learning from Nature Using Neurons and Logic Gates. Arushi Nath. Canadian Science Fair Journal. Volume 3, Issue 5. February 2021.
Around the Universe in Six Years. Arushi Nath. SkyNews. November/December 2020.

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